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Low Visual Impact

With WindTurbines unique designs, you will have a renewable energy system that will compliment your home or building.

Low Noise

Our wind turbines are designed with the latest technology to ensure a near silent operation.

Designed To Work With Your Solar System

WindTurbine targets low wind speeds to guarantee power production when solar can’t, in the dark.

Reduce your electricity bill and save $$

Our wind turbine can produce electricity for you at night therefore reducing your expensive grid supplied electricity consumption after day light hours.

Battery Storage Compatible

Our wind turbines are battery storage compatible from small 12v systems through to larger 48v systems.

Need A Solar System?

Our partnership with ET solar allows us to supply Tier 1 solar panels at the best price possible making us your one stop renewable energy shop for wind and solar.

WindTurbine is here to provide you efficient, long lasting
renewable energy to power your home, office or factory.

Notice the wind lately? Capture the wind today with your new wind turbine system.

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Windturbine was founded by an entrepreneur with a vision of cheap and affordable energy with minimal…

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Rapid solutions to the most complex energy challenges with cooperative process-driven.

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It is clear that all along the coast of Australia is very windy most of the year, in fact…

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